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-finishes season one and lies in the puddle of tears over Hughes’ death-

and Ed seeing the image of Hughes out the window

just fuuuuuuu

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"You have a kind look in your eyes. My older brother’s were exactly the same, eyes that were strong and peered into the endless distance as if seeing something I could not."

—Scar to Edward - Fullmetal Alchemist ep. 14 “Destruction’s Right Hand”
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Jared on his horse

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I walked into a classroom where some young Tibetan students were practicing their chants, and all the kids suddenly grew very focused and well-behaved on account of the visitor. Except for this guy, who started laughing at me. Then he started laughing at himself laughing. Then he started laughing that he couldn’t stop laughing at himself laughing.

(Dharamshala, India)

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kevin russ

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Shannon on a horse

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