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Name: Aron Jóhannsson
Team: USA
Number/Position: 9/Striker
Birthplace: Mobile, Alabama (google him saying this it’s like the cutest thing ever)
Age/Birthday: 23/10 November 1990
Smokeshow Qualification: LOOK AT DIMPLES OVER HERE. Beautiful albino child. Lanky and lean. Intensity for days. Magical haircut.
Why We Love Him: Aron’s replacing Jozy in the World Cup lineup. As sad as I am Jozy’s still injured, I could never hate this face. He’s been in and out of the US, but he’s mainly Icelandic. Klinsmann was responsible for Jóhannsson coming over to the team and thank god. He’s very funny and adorable. Skateboards, snapbacks, chill with Mix—he’s super.
What Fictional Character I Think He Looks Like: Peter Colt from Wimbledon.
What Book Would He Start And Never Finish: Brave New World.

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remember that time Maria Ross risked her life to comfort an orphaned kid who was overwhelmed with alchemic energy after being psychologically tortured by people who made him choose between letting his brother die and murdering a group of people

remember how Maria Ross was the only one brave enough to bring this kid down from his destructive rampage so that he could be taken to the hospital before he collapsed from blood loss or shock

remember how Maria Ross was the first person to hug this kid since his mother died half a decade ago

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Game of Thrones theme song played by the Queen’s guards

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Do or do not. There is no try. - yoda #randomfeelgoodquote #randomweirdalleypic #jesusandtoast

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The most glorious animals. Amazing.

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HQ Saint Tropez - 20th July 2014

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"So I am writing my own ending
I let my pen bleed black or blue
And I will color in the meaning
It will be gold and green and true
And I’ll learn to love my new discovered proof
I’ll be grateful for this day
I will be grateful for each day to come"

—Bright Eyes - “I Will Be Grateful For This Day”
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